The Top 8 Benefits Of Temping You Should Know! Week 8

With the number of people temping in an organisation increasing, we thought we would put together a series of blog posts to help you understand the real benefits temping can bring.

This week we decided to get some feedback from our temps, we asked them why they started temping and what benefits and skills they picked up from doing it!


As a Recruitment Agency we can go on and on about the benefits of temping, so instead, we thought we’d ask some of the candidates we’ve placed in temporary jobs to provide some feedback for you, and this is what they said…

School Leaver

“When I left school, I had no idea what career path to take. Temping was a great way to give me the opportunity to try different jobs and really find what I enjoyed. I soon found myself in a role that I had never even thought to do before, and it turned out to be really amazing and I learnt so much! As I started to develop my knowledge, I was offered the role as a permanent position. It just proves you never know!

Temping not only helps you realise your passions, but it also helps you to develop new skills and build yourself as an individual. My confidence grew, and I met so many people.

I would highly recommend temping!”

Ambitious traveller

“I have been a passionate traveller ever since leaving school. I always thought that it would be difficult to find a job that would allow me to go travelling without any fuss, but then I was introduced to temping! After contacting Alexander Daniels Offshore, they reassured me that temping would be the ideal opportunity to earn money a couple of months at a time, and still travel the world, one place at a time.

It was also a great way to give different areas of work a try and learn a variety of new skills. I continue to meet so many amazing people, all at the same time as saving money for my future travel plans.”

Family commitments

“After starting a family, I thought I was ready to step back into the workplace, but it turned out to be a lot tougher than I thought. Alexander Daniels Offshore suggested I try some temporary roles to allow me to be more flexible and spend valuable time with my young family.

I have enjoyed meeting new people and not having the stress and worry that I had with permanent positions. It really suits my lifestyle and would strongly recommend it to anyone in the same situation as me.”

Opportunity for change

“I have always enjoyed change so temping for me is the way forward. I can meet so many new people and experience different working environments. I have completed loads of projects, varying from 2-months to 6-month contracts.  Having had this opportunity, I have now developed a range of skills and my CV looks great!

I can now adapt to different situations and company environments so much better. I now have a better idea of what sector I would prefer to work in”.

Enjoy variety

“I choose to temp because I like to travel and move around a lot so this gives me the opportunity to work and save whilst planning for a new adventure abroad.

I like temping because it keeps my working life varied and I like new challenges and meeting new people.

I would recommend it because it keeps life fresh and exciting and you can improve your experience, your skill set and transferable skills enormously.”

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