The Top 8 Benefits of Temping you should know! Week 1


With the number of people temping in an organisation increasing, we thought we would put together a series of blog posts to help you understand the real benefits temping can bring.

This week we are talking about the new skills that you can learn and develop on in the workplace.


Temporary work is a fantastic way to build upon your current skills and learn new ones in the workplace.

To name just a few, develop these skills and increase your wow factor to employers!


Communication skills

Be it the way you talk over the phone, respond to emails or talk face to face, communication skills are by far one of the most attractive skills out there. Employers need to be confident that you will communicate in the most effective way.



Being able to experience different working environments will mean you will need to adapt from one environment to the next, very quickly. A job can change its shape at any time so being able to adapt from one assignment to the next is a great skill to have, and one that will show true commitment.


Interpersonal skills

We all need to work with others in order to get the job done, whether it’s working as part of a team or dealing with clients and customers. Temporary roles will develop the way you build working relationships and how to deal with different personalities.


Problem solving

Learn how to identify problems and work with complex tasks, whilst evaluating and putting solutions in place. This really will develop great thinking and analytic skills.


Plan, organise & prioritise

Temping will teach you how to plan, organise and prioritise different projects and tasks with varying deadlines. Staying on top of things shows real dedication and hard work.


Leadership & Management

A powerful skill that not many can conquer.

You may find that your temporary role has some form of management responsibility. Leading a team and monitoring their progress will help you understand the differences in employee learning styles and that you can be trusted as a great leader.

So, no matter how long your list of developed skills is, each and every one is highly valuable to employers when taking on a new temp.

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