Temping: The Best Bits


We all know someone in the temping world, but what makes it so attractive?  We recently asked temps in Guernsey to complete a survey to find out exactly that, keep reading – we think it looks pretty appealing!!

A whopping 88% of our survey respondents agreed that temping allows them to try something new. It may allow you to break into different sectors – and try something you would never have dreamt of doing, you may surprise yourself! It’s these exciting pathways that give you new experiences, to which, 88% of our respondents agreed.

So, what about that work life balance we all dream about? We all like a bit of flexibility in our working lives, right? Temping can give you just that – have some control of your hours, how often you work and when/what career breaks you take. You can take some time to travel the world, return to university to study or simply spend quality time with your family. 64% of our survey respondents completely agreed that temping gives them the flexibility they need.

Now that you have read some pretty fabulous statistics about temping, fancy giving it a go?

68% of our respondents find their temp assignments through their recruitment agency – and you can too! AD Offshore have a fantastic selection of temp and contract opportunities to choose from, whether it’s Accounts, Compliance, HR, IT, Marketing, Sales or anything else that takes your fancy.

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