STUDENTS – What Are You Doing During Your Study Break?


What are you doing during your study break? Are you saving or spending?

Why not use this time sensibly and gain some valuable experience, save some money and meet new people!

Let’s have a closer look at the benefits of temping…

Valuable Experience

As students start to think about their futures in the workplace, it can be a tough decision when choosing the right career path to take. Temping enables you to try something new and test the waters. By gaining experience in an industry or company, you will be able to get a feel as to whether this area of work is for you or not. Even if it isn’t, every bit of experience you get will look great on your CV.

Save Some Cash

We all know that the student life can be a tough journey to go through, especially with trying to save money at the same time. By stepping into a temporary role during your break, you can be earning on the go and as well as gaining some great experience to assist you in the future.

Meet New People

In a community like Guernsey, all connections count. Temping can help to build up your network so quickly! Keeping hold of these contacts could be the starting point to your career in the future. Get your name out there – because you never know when these contacts could become useful.

If you would like to find out more about temping and the temporary opportunities available to you, please get in touch with the lovely Hannah Le Tissier, our Temporary & Contract Consultant by email on – or by phone on 01481 729340.