Know anyone who has graduated recently?


Congratulations, the hard work has finally paid off and you are now a Graduate!

This is when the work really begins…where do you go from here? Do you know what you want to do? Do you know what career path you want to go down? If the answer is no, DON’T PANIC! – the consultants at Alexander Daniels Offshore are here to help.

Our team of consultants didn’t always know they wanted to be in recruitment. Steve, Sarah and Andrea have backgrounds in the finance industry – Accounting, Trust, HR, Learning & Development, Settlements and Compliance to name a few of their past roles. They now draw on all the experiences they have gained throughout their careers to really help guide and advise candidates of all the different avenues there are.

We really like to get to know our candidates; our friendly team will spend time with you, listening to you and finding out what interests you, what type of person you are and where you will be the happiest – and offer you some amazing advice and assistance.

Pop into the office for a cuppa and a chat and let the team help you make the right choice for you!