Going up? It’s National Talk in an Elevator Day


Did you know that today is ‘National Talk in an Elevator Day’?! This is your chance to strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know!  You could brighten up someone’s day; make a new friend – or even make a new business contact.

We’ve asked the team who they would like to be stuck in an elevator with – and what they would ask them – or talk to them about…

Andy Partlow

Andy picked Keith Richards.  He would ask him about his life and what it was like being a part of The Rolling Stones.

Andréa Pearson

Andréa didn’t even have to think about it – she would love to be stuck in an elevator with Prince so he could serenade her with his funky melodies while they waited for help.

Lauren Martel

Lauren would like to be stuck in a lift with Tim Burton and totally geek out with him about all the movies he has produced and directed.

Sarah Elliott

Sarah would absolutely love to be stuck in an elevator with Keith Lemon – they definitely wouldn’t be stuck for conversation!  She would love to know who he really is when he’s ‘not being Keith Lemon’ and who in the public eye he admires and why.

Steve Hubert

Steve would be happy alone in a lift – he would just mutter to himself in the corner – much like he does all day every day in the office.

Who would you pick and why?