Get to know Anna…


We had a chat with Anna to find out what makes her tick.

Q: What is your favourite way to start the day?
Waking up!

Q: When we can travel again, where would your next holiday destination be?
Barbados, I got married there. The Bajan’s are the friendliest, happiest, and most welcoming people. Love the beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. The weather. The food. The sunsets. The rum. Need I go on…just good vibes there!!

Q: What is your favourite beverage on a hot summer’s day?
G&T with fresh cucumber or lime and plenty of ice.

Q: What is your proudest achievement?
My 3-year-old daughter Ava of course!

Q: What is your favourite way to unwind?
Spa day, looking forward to one soon!


Q: Who do you admire and why?
David Attenborough is a total legend and so humble with it. After all these years he is still helping to save the planet, pushing boundaries with his broadcasting showcasing the natural world and inspiring us to preserve it. And his voice is really soothing to listen to! I also have so much respect for anyone who is a Caregiver- a truly selfless and challenging role.

 Q: When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with?
Career advice and guidance, finding a new opportunity, and general insight into the current job market.

 Q: What is the best gift you have ever received?
A Cartier bracelet.

 Q: Aside from necessities, what is one thing could you not go a day without?
Hugs from my daughter Ava and seeing my two fur babies:
Bella & Tilly.

Q: What would you do if you won the lottery?
A big win would buy me more time which I would hope to spend helping more within the local community and with charities dear to my heart. I would also love to do more travelling!

Q: If you had a warning label, what would yours say?
For best results, feed every few hours.

 Q: What hobby would you get into if time and money were not an issue?
Scuba Diving at the best dive sites in the world.

 Q: If you could move to any city, which would it be?
I don’t think I could move to a city after living in Jersey.

 Q: What is your favourite thing about working at Alexander Daniels?
It’s genuinely rewarding helping people find roles/careers which are fulfilling to them and that allow them to achieve their goals. I also love the flexibility my role gives me to spend time with my family and working with my fab team of course!