Five Job Titles You’ll Be Seeing More Of Over The Next Decade

I see new and interesting job titles all the time, sometimes convoluting, sometimes inspiring and many times thought-inspiring. As AD Offshore looks to the future, I had a think about what could be the most common job titles we’ll start seeing more of over the next ten years…

Freelance HR Manager

No, not an HR Officer that is freelance, but an HR professional employed specifically to manage the needs and wants of freelance staff. More and more people are turning to freelance as a way-of-life, but freelancing can often result in less rights and less benefits. As more and more employers adopt flexible working arrangements and turn to freelancers for projects, it’s only a matter of time before there’s a demand for HR specialists to accommodate this growing workforce.

Personalised Marketing Executive

Whilst jobs of this ilk already exist and many could argue that a seasoned marketer should be able to create personalised content, it’s a time-consuming job to get it right.
Gone are the days of spray-and-pray campaigns, advertising on the sides of buses or covering every billboard in the city, with the growing rise (and low cost) of personalised adverts available across social media and other digital media, there needs to be somebody to tailor the message to the hundred audience sectors a business is talking to. Yes, a marketing/campaign manager will still set the tone, the target and the budget, but somebody will need to tweak that message for 13-year-old Rebecca on Snapchat who just looked at size 4 pink socks on your website via an Oculus Rift.

Chief Happiness Officer

I’ve actually seen this job title a few times now. But, as odd as the title may sound, having somebody in charge of internal culture is more important than ever. Every day new employers and new avenues for personal income are sprouting up, increasing competition for keeping your hard-working staff. It’s not about what your employees can do for you anymore, it’s about what you can do for them! Having a member of staff solely responsible for a good workplace culture will be the path to better productivity, better staff retention and better financial returns.

Ethics & Equality Manager

In a world filled with consumer-generated content, brands can no longer stand on a podium spreading their message in a one-way manner. Brands now have to answer for their business decisions, be it where they source their materials from, or their hiring practices, their boardroom gender-split, where they’re at with equal pay – the list goes on. Somebody needs to be overseeing those decisions, setting strategies for change and holding decision-makers accountable.

VR Technician

As new technology continues to close the gap between your office in Hong Kong and the Channel Islands, why use Skype for a meeting when you can set up a virtual boardroom and play a round of virtual table tennis afterwards with your colleagues 10,000 kilometres away? Or bring somebody into the same, virtual, room for an interview, making proceedings more comfortable and all-the-while reducing your company’s carbon footprint. So, when your printer is on the fritz, you call IT, but whom do you call when the virtual table tennis paddle goes missing? Why, the VR technician, of course!