A Guide to Living & Working in Jersey

Chapter 1: About Jersey


Jersey is one of the Channel Islands located in the English Channel between France and the UK. More specifically, it is 160km off the south coast of England and 22km off the north-west coast of France. With a population of more than 100,000, and an area of 45 square miles, Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands.


Jersey consists of twelve parishes, including the most populated, St Helier, St Ouen, which is the largest, St Clement which is the smallest, and St Mary, which is the least populated. These parishes, along with several neighbourhood islands including Les Dirouilles and Les Pierres de Lecq form a British Crown Dependency called the Bailiwick of Jersey.


Although Jersey is under the protection of the British Crown, it is not part of the UK and is an independent, self-governed island. Instead, Jersey’s own government, the States of Jersey (officially known as States of Assembly) autonomously handles all matters from finance to legal – although the British Government is responsible for foreign affairs and defence.


Despite being only nine miles by five, Jersey has a rich and diverse landscape. From rugged cliffs and hidden bays to stunning coastlines with sandy beaches to peaceful wooded valleys and quiet country lanes to the busier urban yet quaint capital. From north to south to east to west, the landscape changes dramatically in just a few miles.